Why I Created This Freebie Site


There have been times that I’ve needed to type up a description of the site. There are two reasons why I created it.

1. I wanted there to be a site where anyone could find the items that I’m interested in, makeup, perfume, pet freebies and more.

2. I wanted there to be a site that posted a new freebie every day, something that had not been previously listed.

There are so many freebies out there. They are all a little different; some are trial size items to try out, where others are not “guaranteed” freebies but are simply things you can apply for. There are truly great deals out there, and I’ve gotten items that I could not have afforded otherwise.

I found one site to start with, and after some research, I found more that had a variety of items that I was interested in. My favourite is http://www.wowfreestuff.co.uk/.

Those are the most notable sites that I’ve found, although there are certainly other options to take a look at. I perused these sites to figure out what they were offering and what they had in common with one another. I wanted to stay true to my ideals and my reasons for having the site, and I determined that I could do that.

My site can be found at http://www.wsa.org.uk/. There are items that you will find on my site and on other sites as well. In particular, anything that is a well-known brand name is likely to be listed on several different sites.

I have to list items that other people have on their site because I don’t want my followers to be out of the loop. However, I also do something that other sites don’t do. I have free software up, and I also post about a free Kindle book every day. These are things that my followers want to see.

That’s the way I got my start. I saw other good sites, and I tried to add to what they were already doing, in order to make my site top notch.

Hopefully, my site will help other people one day too.

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